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Wormier & is excited to anounce the merger of your favorite malware delivery platform, and 0-day database of  bugs and exploits, with the risk and threat experts at XIVX!


Wormier and .DIZT|VZTP have come together under the brand XIVX to offer DarknetDetect. A best-in-class threat assessment team dedicated to helping your organization understand their risk exposure correlating to the dark web.

The Best In Content
Meets The Best In Show

When the leader in geopolitical offensive security assembles a team, you better believe they assemble the best. When XIVX Risk & Threat Intelligence decided to add darknet analysis to their repertoire of services, they chose to compile, from the ground up, the most validated names in scene.

For over a decade, Wormier was one of the most recognized tools for tracking and analyzing malware across the globe.

When XIVX purchased the proprietary content delivery system that made Wormier a force in the malware space, they also brought on, and retained, the entire team. The patented scrapper that grabs, organizes, complies, and distributes the world’s most recent, dangerous and unknown malware is being utilized in the XIVX risk library to protect their assets and customers.

Through the years, Wormier has been portrayed in many lights. “Criminal. Malicious. Unpredictable. Unrelenting. Brilliant.”

When Al Jazeera asked Colton Sumners, the President and CISO of the newly formed entity, if the stigma of the Wormier name would bring any negative press attention to the XIVX brand, he unflinchingly replied, “I certainly hope so.”

Thank you for the years of fun and [mal]funtion!